Let Us Go

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I woke up. I opened my eyes. Dark, why there is no light? Where am I? I feel there is a friction on my shoulder. What is this?

A voice is heard by me. “Bambam-ah. Are you awake?”

That is, the voice of my girl, Andie.

“Andie-ah, where are we? Why so dark? Are you okay?”

“Bambam-ah, do not panic. I’m fine.Do not you remember what happened yesterday?”

Happen? What happen? I tried to remember what something happen of yesterday. What really happened?


“Andie-ah, do you want me buy anything?” asked me to Andie, who had been walking beside me.I held her hand tightly, not wanting to be separated from her.

Andie look at me. She smiled. More beautiful.

See her smiling like that, I’mso confused. “Hey, why are you even smile like that? Why do not you answer my question?”

She giggled. “Hihi, I’m just happy to see you. You’revery handsome. How can I have a very handsome boyfriend like you?”

Ah, this girl. Always say something like that.

“And you. How can I have a very beautiful girlfriend like you?” I asked while pinching her nose.

Andie rewind head back to avoid me pinched her nose. But,instead she ran from me. Of course I pursued.

“Hey, Andie. Do not run from me. Come here, you!”

“I will not. I will not let you pinch my nose”.

Andie keep running from me and I go after it. Until finally, Andie tired and give up. I hug her from behind, lifting and turning her light body in the air.

“YAH! Bambam, put me down!”, she said as she hit my arm.

I put her down and scrambles her hair. Andie chuckled annoyed. “Ah, Bambam. Do not ruin my hair. You said you liked my hair. Why do you even ruin it?”

I hold both shoulders with my hands. “Because I love it, so I ruin it. Hahaha. I’m joking. Here, let me make up again”.

I straighten the beautiful hair Andieowned. Her hair is very soft. Like silk.

I saw her eyes. Beautiful. There is comfort there. There is happiness there. I saw her beautiful face, her smile is very beautiful, very funny laugh.

Andie awaken me from my reverie by waving her hand in front of my face. “Bambam-ah, do not look at me like that. You like never see me”.

I smiled at her. “It is not never seen you, but I’m fascinated by you. You’re beautiful, you’re funny, you’re very good. You’re perfect in my eyes”.

I could see Andie cheeks are blushed. Ah,she so cute.

I look around. Ah, there are currently selling ice cream. “Andie-ah, you wait here a minute. I’ll buy you an ice cream”.

Andie nodded. I went left her under the tree. I ordered two ice cream. One of my vanilla flavor and a taste of strawberries for Andie. Andie really liked the strawberry ice cream.

After the ice cream in my hand, I returned to Andie. Hey, where did she go? Did not I told her to wait for me under the tree. “Andie-ah, where are you?Do not make me worry. Get out”.

Andie did not answer. Where is she going?

Suddenly I heard someone yelling my name. “Bambam! BamBam! HELP ME!”.

I saw the source of the voice. Oh no. Andie kidnapped. No, no, do not be. No one is allowed to touch my girlfriend.

“Andie!”. I ran after Andie carried by a burly man accompanied by two others behind him.

“Hey, let her go. Let go of my Andie”.

They do not serve what I say. They kept dragging Andie got into the car. No, do not take my Andie!

“Hey, you. Let her go or I kill you!” I threatened them.

One of the big man stopped and looked at me. I stopped right in front of him.

“You challenge me? Try it if you can, silly boy”.

Before I pick-up my hand to punch him, the big man had hit me right on the my face. After that, I was unconscious and did not know what happened next.

~~~End of Flashback~~~

I remember now. I remember what happen to us. We’re kidnapped.

“Andie-ah, I remember now. You, you okay? Did they hurt you? Oh?” I asked her repetedly.

“Bambam-ah, they did not hurt me. But, I’m scared now”.

Hearing her words, I immediately pull Andie’s small body in my arms. She also hugged it. Her body shivered. She must have been veryf rightened.

Wiping her head, I said, “Calm yourself, Andie-ah. Calm down. I’ll get us out of here. Be patient.”

I heard sobbing. Andie cry. “How, Bambam? I’m scared”.

“I’m thinking of the way so we could get out of this place. Be patient, Andie”.

Andie hugged me tighter. I know all, she must have been very frightened. She also still crying. Oh god, please sav eus.

“I know you’re very frightened, Andie. I’m sorry to leave you alone under a tree. You should come with me. I’m sorry, Andie. I’m sorry”.

Andie hold her head, then looked at me. “No, Bambam. You’re not wrong. You just want to buy me ice cream, not made me kidnapped. The kidnappers that is cruel because it has brought us here”

“But, I should have brought you with me just now. Not even leave you alone”.

This time, not only Andie crying.I had tears down cheeks. I feel guilty, very guilty.

“Never mind, Bambam. Do not violate yourself. Maybe this is a trial from God so that we can get closer.”

Andie true. It may be an ordeal. I have to accept this.

Suddenly the lights on. My eyes dazzled by it.

A voice came to me. “So you are already aware, lovebird?”

It was the kidnapper. What does he want? “Let us go. LET US GO! You have no right to do this to us. You’re a nobody”.

Kidnappers approached. Andie is getting scared.She further held me firmly. “Calm down, Andie. Calm down,” I told her.

“I will not let go of you, before I get what I want”, said the kidnappers.

“What do you want, huh? Money? Gold? Tell me, what do you want?!”

“Hey, hey, hey. Relax a little boy. Do not yell”

“Just tell me what do you want?!”

Kidnappers looked towards Andie. Why does he see my girlfriend? I tighten my arms at Andie. Andie who also see and realize what I was doing, she hid her face in my chest.

“Give me the girl,” said the kidnapper.

“Do not joke. Tell me, what exactly do you want ?!”

Kidnappers was kneeling in front of me and Andie. He lifted his hand and rubbed Andie’s cheek softly. “I’ve said what I wanted. I wanted this girl”

I made up my eyes. “No one is allowed to touch her,” I said, brushing the hand of the kidnappers of Andie. “She is mine. MINE!”

I can see the facial expression of the kidnapper darkened. He stood up and walked backwards, away from me and Andie.

“I see. Well, if you do not want to give her to me”, said the kidnappers. He looked into his side, two people who had been with him. “You two, give the little boy a lesson”.

2 men nodded their heads and walked toward me and Andie. What are they doing?

One of them pull me and the other one interesting Andie. They separated us. No, this should not happen.

I tried my hardest to not let go of Andie from my arms. Like wise with Andie, she tightened her arms, did not want to be separated from me.

I could hear the cries Andie increasingly tight.

“Please, do not do this to me. Please”, Andie begged.

Do not separate me and Andien, I beg.

They keep trying to separate me and Andie. But,we do not give up. I and Andie survive, so as not to separate.

“Stop”, the male bastard spoke.

They stopped interested me and Andie. Walked up to their boss.

“So, you do not want to split up? Well, it seems I have to do a very rude manner”.

The man reached something into his jacket pocket. He pulled that thing. PISTOL! What would he do with it?

“You see this thing,boy?” he asked me.”If youdo not want to part as well, if you do not want to give me the girl, then you have to die in my hand. Hahahah”, said the kidnappers.

“I would rather die than have to hand her over to you. There will never be”

Andie looked at me. “No, do not do it, Bambam. Do not act stupid”.

“No, Andie. I would rather die than have to see you with them”.

“Do not, bambam. Please”.

Andie’s POV

“Do not, bambam. Please”., I begged to bambam. He can not be like this. I can not live my life without him. He’s my everthing.

Suddenly, Bambam stood up and walked toward that kidnappers. He remove my hand from his. Bambam, please.

He just walked, without looking me back. He walked and walked, until he stopped when he was in front of the kidnappers.

“Kill me, now. Just KILL ME!” Bambam yelled. “But, After you do that, I want you to let go of my girlfriend. Just let her go”.

I started to cry more harder. Bambam given up on his life just for saved me. But, I won’t him to leave me alone. I need him. I want him beside me.

“So, that’s what you want? Okay”, said the kidnappers.

Then, I started to get panicked when I saw him lift that pistol. No, no. Please do not.

“Let me say something to her” said Bambam. The kidnappers just nodding.

Bambam turn his body and walked to me. He kneeling down, grabbed my shoulder. I let down my head. “Andie-ah, look at me”.

I shoock my head. “Andie, please. Look at me”

I lift my head, looked at him. I can see the sadness in his eyes. I let my tears down. “Bambam-ah, please. Do not do this to me. I need you, Bambam. I can not live without you. Please, do not”.

Bambam give me his fake smile. “Andie-ah, you have to live in your own life. You have to find another man who really loves you, more than me. You have to stay healt for me. You have to do all of that, for me. Can you?”

“Bambam, I want to do all of it with you. I can not if I’m without you”

“No, Andie. Remember this, I will always here, beside you. I will never leave you. Although our world is different, but I will remain always at your side. I will keep you accompany. Please, live for me”.

I can not say anything, anymore. This is what Bambam want for me. I can not stop him. He will keep doing this, though a thousand times I begged to him not to do.

I just nodded my head, and lowered it. I can not do anything. Bambam strock my head. He come closer to give me kiss on forehead.

Bambam stood up and walked away from me. Really, leaving me here. He stopped in front of the kidnappers. He said, “Shoot me, now”.

Without hesitation, the kidnappers lifted the gun and, DOOOORRRR!

I closed my ears, not strong to hear what just happening. Crying more and more, just that what can I do.

Now, Bambam was gone. He really gone. He leave me alone. Not stay with me forever.

Bambam-ah, thank you for this valuable time. Thank you for being beside me this time. Thank you for always made me happy even if we’re fight. You’re always for me. You’re always being the best for me. You are my hero.

Bambam-ah, saranghae…


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