The AF, A Dreamer

Assalamu’alaikum. Hello. Annyeonghaseyo….

Annisa Fajriyah or Icha or The AF. A muslim girl. 1997 liner. A pharmacy student for now, a story writer who try to write every single that I have in my mind, a singer who try to entertain everyone with this average ability.

“When everyone was happy, I’m here just to smile at their happiness. But in this heart, sad continued to hit when seeing their smiles more chapped, because of what they feel, is something that I never felt before”

Yeah, that’s me. Different from other people, especially girls. Thank you Allah because you have created me with physical perfection is not shared by others.

Okay, enough for the introduce. So, this site, I’ll post all of my story here, and I’ll post some of my friends story too. An english and Indonesia posts for everyone.

Why I like to write a story? “A story contains a lot of feelings. Challenge a writer of fiction or non-fiction was add a feeling of depth, so that the reader can feel what the actors in the story” That’s what I think of. What never I feel, what never happened to me before, what I never imagined would happen, can I feel when reading or writing a story. So, that’s what I mean.